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If a home’s energy bills are increasing, then find new ways to reduce loss of cooled or heated air. One of the most important ways to prevent loss of air-conditioned or heated air is by sealing a home’s attic. While many homeowners notice crevices on the exterior of a home’s siding near utility lines or the foundation, they neglect inspecting an attic because it is difficult to enter.

Save Money

In the winter, the warm air from a home’s furnace rises into an attic where it escapes through numerous cracks. In the summer, hot air from outside enters cracks in a rooftop to increase the temperature inside a home, requiring air conditioners to operate more frequently. The loss of heated and cooled air leads to huge utility bills because an older home often settles, creating spaces between beams where air enters or escapes.

Professional Technicians

Professional air sealing is the best option for homeowners because entering an attic or climbing on a roof is a dangerous activity. Technicians with training and equipment can find where there are air leaks around utility lines and walls to make efficient repairs to prevent loss of heated or cooled air.

Liquid Caulking

To begin an inspection of a home, have a blueprint that shows technicians where there are electrical wires and vents because these are the places where there are cracks that allow cooled or heated air to escape. Technicians must move insulation layers to find these new crevices. Liquid caulking from a specialized container with an applicator tip is the best substance to seal cracks in attics. 

Careful Applications

As the technicians work, it is vital that the caulking material is applied carefully and permitted to dry thoroughly before placing insulation back on the space. A technician also needs to avoid damaging essential structures or wires to prevent fires or damage. Most technicians begin in the corners or under the eaves where it is most difficult to reach before progressing to the middle of an attic. 

Add Insulation

As technicians are working, they should find any spaces near ductwork, walls or light boxes to add sealing material. Special attention is required near chimney shafts and venting devices to seal unneeded openings while making sure dangerous gases can still escape. In addition to adding liquid sealants to attics, this is also an excellent time to install more insulation. 

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