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If you ever notice mold growing in your attic, you should hire a professional attic cleaning and decontamination service. Whenever mold is present, it is an indication that there are more serious problems in your attic. Rodent droppings are another sign that mean that professional cleaning services are needed. In most cases, you can smell the present of feces because it has an awful odor. 

Your health is the main reason why you must decontaminate your attic especially if you had a rodent infestation. When mice and rats produce droppings on various surfaces in your attic, bacteria and viruses could affect your lungs. 

When Attic Masters specialists decontaminate an attic, the ventilation will be inspected for leaks. If any mold is found, the HVAC system will be examined thoroughly since mold typical causes leaks that lead to poor ventilation. If these issues are not addressed, your overall energy costs will slowly increase each year. This is possible because a simple leak will result in a lot of wasted energy. Attic Cleaning is very important for the overall environment.

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Attic Masters technicians use sprays to sanitize and disinfect any areas that have germs and bacteria. Each specialist is highly educated and properly trained, so accessing the most difficult areas in an attic will be not a problem.

Rats can be more than just a pesky problem. They can cause serious damage to your attic and create dangerous health hazards. Rats are the carriers of hantavirus,  leptospirosis and murine typhus. If you've had a rat infestation in your attic, it is vital to invest in a thorough attic cleaning. Rat droppings and urine carry dangerous diseases that can make humans extremely ill. Even if the rats have long since left, proper attic cleaning decontamination is crucial to eradicating droppings.

Leaving behind droppings and urine-soaked insulation can harbour a breeding ground for bacteria and disease. Insulation that is soaked in rat urine can cause an unpleasant odour in your home. This is especially true during the summer months. Decaying rat carcasses can also attract maggots, termites and other pests which create additional problems. Even if the rats are gone, you may now face a termite problem. If you have an active rat problem or remnants of a previous rat infestation, you will be unable to store any belongings in the space. 

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