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Attic Insulation Replacement is one of the most beneficial ways to help make your home more efficient. In particular, it is crucial for homeowners of older properties to ensure they replace their attic insulation because it has likely not been replaced in a long while. Since old insulation is often matted, compressed, and even soiled with rodent feces, it can negatively impact the air quality inside your home. Therefore, the best action you can take when your attic insulation becomes settled is to replace it with brand-new, more effective insulation and here is why.

Insulation replacement will dramatically increase the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. In the winter, the new insulation will help keep the warm air from your heating system from rising into the attic. Not only will it help keep your house nice and toasty during the cold winter months, but it will also save you a fortune on your heating bills. On the other hand, new insulation will also assist with keeping it cooler in the summer too. Hot air that rises to your attic in the summer will be discouraged from drifting down into the living quarters of your home. As a result, you will not have to waste energy by overusing your air conditioner to keep your house comfortably cool in the summer.

Blown-In Cellulose Insulation

Adding quality insulation to a home’s attic is a fast way to begin saving money on utility bills each month. Blown-in insulation is simple to install at any time of the year because technicians are able to perform this upgrade quickly. Cellulose is an insulating material made of shredded particles of plant fibers such as corncobs, sawdust or newspapers to help reduce noise from outside in addition to preventing loss of climate-controlled air year-round. While many individuals think that cellulose only provides insulating benefits during the winter, the material is also vital in the summer to keep a building cooler. ​

Save Money Each Month on Heating and Cooling Costs with Insulation Replacement

​Property owners experiencing numerous drafts in a building should have blown in cellulose added to attics by experienced technicians. The federal government regulates the manufacture of cellulose insulation to ensure it meets certain guidelines for safety such as being fire-retardant. For customers concerned about using environmentally friendly products, cellulose is considered a green material because it is made from natural or recycled substances. The blown in cellulose insulation fits nicely around structures such as chimney flues or venting pipes in buildings to provide an additional thermal layer to prevent heat loss in cold temperatures or loss of cooled air in the summer.

​Blown in Cellulose Insulation Provides Several Benefits

The various types of blown in cellulose insulation provide numerous benefits, including:​• Pest and mold control• Sound insulation• Fire-retardation• Reduction in utility bills for heating and cooling• Moisture barrier • Environmentally safe• Low toxicity• Noninvasive installation​A knowledgeable blown in cellulose installer will know local regulations concerning adding this material to buildings. Hiring an expert with experience leads to only needing small holes drilled in attic walls to blow in the cellulose insulation materials with specialized equipment in just a few hours. 

Fiberglass Batt insulation Replacement

It doesn't matter if you live in an area that's very warm or brutally cold, having the proper insulation in your attic is crucial. That's because it is very important for both your home and your wallet to have insulation replacement done. One type of insulation in particular that is preferred by homeowners is fiberglass batt. By installing fiberglass batt, you are truly doing a favor for your property.​

One reason why insulating your attic is vital is because it keeps both heated and cooled air from entering and exiting your home. When there is no insulation put into your attic, this air that you are paying to be pumped through your house will easily slide out through cracks and gaps in your foundation, windows and doors. ​Similar to this, a benefit of having fiberglass batt insulation installed into your attic is that your energy costs will come way down.

That's because before your heating and cooling systems had to work overtime to make up for this lost air. Instead of just producing heat and air conditioning when needed, the system will be working around the clock when there's no insulation.​Of course if your heating and cooling system is working harder to set your attic to the temperature you want, this could cause the machinery to completely breakdown altogether. While this won't necessarily happen, it is definitely more likely. If that does occur, this will cost you money you probably rather not be spending.

Plus, if your system stops working, you'll end up having to deal directly with the extreme cold temperatures in the winter and the exhausting warm air in the summer. ​It's clear that insulating your home with fiberglass batt is the way to go. When your attic is insulated, you're gaining so many benefits that you wouldn't have otherwise. Save yourself time, money and energy by getting this type of work done on your attic.

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