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Radiant Barrier insulation

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There are numerous benefits to be had with this type of insulation, which is why so many property owners choose to install them on the roofs of their structures.

One of the advantages of radiant barrier is that it is a cost-effective way to insulate a structure’s roof. This type of insulation helps reflect and block out summer heat as well as traps in heat and keeps it from escaping buildings in the wintertime. Therefore, not only is it appropriate for the summer months but for the winter ones as well. 

Radiant barrier insulation is made up of thin reflective sheets. The sheets are composed of substrate materials that are then coated in aluminium. Many of these sheets have a base of plastic, plywood or paper, but many of them come in reinforced models to make them even sturdier. Because this type of insulations keeps unwanted heat out and secures wanted heat in, it helps keep energy bills lower. 

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

One of the other advantages of a radiant barrier is that the sheets are relatively easy to install on roofs as well, which is another reason why they are a popular option for building owners. Just as they are easy to install, they are easy to repair as well. If a sheet becomes damaged, all the owner has to do to fix the issue is replace the one sheet rather than having to have the whole roof redone as might have to be done with some other types of materials. 

This type of insulation is particularly ideal for attics because as the heat of the sun hits the top of roofs, the heat is radiated through the floor of the attic and into the rooms below. However, if radiant barrier insulation is installed, then the heat is reflected back through the roof instead of down into the rooms of the building. Radiant barrier insulation can also be made more effective by spreading the sheets on top of existing insulation and then stapling them to the floor of the attic. 

Radiant Barrier insulation is used in space exploration by NASA, so effective is it at reflecting heat. The space industry uses it to blanket space probes against the heat of the sun. Various other industries take advantage of the benefits offered by radian barrier insulation as well. 

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